Short and Sweet: The culinary adventures of a Virginia girl spreading her wings in South Carolina.

The Fine Print: Lemons and Lima Beans was born out of a need to catalog my favorite recipes and share them with friends and family. Why the name? Despite a picky childhood/adolescenthood/collegehood, I adore all types of food and will generally try most anything once. Having grown up in Germany and Belarus before living in Pennsylvania, Kansas, and Virginia (not to mention having a Southern Belle, Alabama-born mother and a farmer-boy-at-heart, Illinois-raised father) I’ve grown to appreciate pretty much every food out there. But, the two foods I absolutely positively do not like: you guessed it, lemons and lima beans. Rest assured, you won’t be finding either of those ingredients on this site.

The Girl Behind the Apron: By day, I’m a physician serving cute kiddos in Greenville, SC. By night, I’m a culinary explorer. Join me on my kitchen adventures – mixed with a dash of wanderlust, humor, faith, family, and friends.



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