Rocky VI

Oh, hey, friends. Remember that time when I had a darling little food blog that I would update on a frequent basis with a variety of tasty recipes? You don’t. Hmmm…maybe that’s because it’s been nearly two years since the last post. Yep, that could have something to do with it.

Well, dust off the old aprons and grab those trusty measuring cups, because Lemons and Lima Beans is back, baby. Think of it as a comeback – Rocky Balboa style. And, much like that classic series, the final product is a bigger and better version of the original – new address, new look, new features. The recipes from the old site will make special appearances in the coming months with much, much needed picture updates. And new ones are, of course, already in the works…along with a few other nonculinary recurring themes. How’s that for a tease?